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QueenEarth is a singer/songwriter, college professor, and creative professional. In addition to performing her music, she has combined her passions to create courses, programs, and events that encourage social justice advocacy alongside writing, music, and creative studies.

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QueenEarth travels and teaches with her educational concert, QueerCore: Behind the Music, to share her songwriting stories for LGBT audiences and its allies. www.queenearth.com/queercore

She offers private and online instruction for creativity and guitar students. A college professor, her areas of academic concentration include Developmental English and College Composition, with an interest in Culturally Responsive Teaching. She teaches and tutors students of all ages in Reading, Language Arts, Essay Writing, and Composition. Let me coach you for a semester!

QueenEarth will be offering a college credit-level English 101 course at Oplerno.com. Look for Writing for Success: Life Skills in Composition. Semester dates and info will post soon!

For inquiries, e-mail QueenEarth@queenearth.com.