FREE FALL Baltimore? Not for QueenEarth ;)

This has been a great summer. Every weekend was a road trip, pool party, new gig, random new friendship . . . I am very thankful and looking forward to reconnecting with some old friends this season. You might know who you are 😉

As some of you may know, I am also a college professor. I have been trying to enjoy the last few weekends of my summer, before classes start up again. It’s been a good vacation. Speaking of which, I am looking for some new guitar students. I’ll be teaching via in person and via Skype this season. Check my FB fan page or e-mail for more info.

September is looking hella busy! Check out the fully detailed schedule at This Fall is gonna be awesome. I’ve added Joe Squared and some awesome collaborations to my calendar.

Upcoming Gigs

This Saturday from 7-11pm, I play at the Marquee Lounge (3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD 21224

), The Patterson’s sophisticated watering hole, open every Friday and Saturday evening, with Dan Sam from Funk Friday!!

I’m honored to play at the Smithsonian Museum of African Art on September 10, 2011. My music will be a part of Community Day! The fun-filled afternoon focuses on oral traditions, which have evolved into modern-day spoken word, dance, art, film, and many surprises!!

BALTIMORE GET READY!! I’ve got a crazy show on September 21, 2011 with Brooks Long, Jahiti, and J Pope and Funk Friday! We would love to see you there.

QueenEarth and Friends: The Depot

QueenEarth and Friends: The Depot

Shockwave Magazine is bringing Brooks Long, CTW, QueenEarth, and Let the Monkey Go together for a crazy national expansion party on September 17, 2011 at 8pm at Sinux Rock Club!!

Fridays at Terra Cafe (101 E 25th St) returns every Friday from 12-2pm.

My jam session at Bohemian Coffee House is building momentum. Thanks to Meg Banter for filling in while I took a short vacation. We jam (1821 N Charles St) EVERY WEDNESDAY from 4:30-6:30pm. It’s a Bohemian Dinner Party! All are welcome. FREE SHOW!

Have you visited my youtube page recently ( I’ll be loading more videos this season too! Thank you for your continued support.


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