Queenearth & Friends! So Many in September!

Fall is definitely here. I pulled out my hoodies and timbs 🙂 How are you? I hope you are doing well and happy that you’re here to get an update. My dear friend “borrowed” my camera, over a year ago, and I just got it back. I love this technology stuff! You only care because I’ve added a bunch of new videos to my youtube channel. Visit http://www.queenearth.com/videos to see the most notable. A brief summary . . .

“How Do You Know When You’re Finished” is a very special song. The original can be found on my EP Extended4play that I recorded with LOVE the poet. It will appear on my full length album with some stylings from my guitar student and dear friend Serena. The performance is from the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

“All of Me” – This song holds a very special meaning to me. “I’d never had to step up to a musical challenge. I stared at the paper for months and found some chords that matched the emotions in her words. I added lyrics and found a cadence . . .” Read my full story on the youtube page! www.youtube.com/msqueenearth

I added another song to my music widget. Check out me and Ama Chandra at the Reservoir Hill Festival http://www.queenearth.com/music singing on my remix to “MsMarvelous” 🙂 I’ll be posting more music soon!

My Farmer’s Market Tour has been quite successful. I’ve played for some of the smartest local shoppers in the city! Thank you to Charles Street Friday Market and Catonsville Sunday Market for the love. Follow me on Facebook and check the event for more information and dates! Speaking of food, I love to cook. Did you know I’m a guest blogger on www.youblogwhatyoueat.com?

Photo by Mark Petinga Photography

On the horizon, I’ve got a crazy show on September 21, 2011 with Brooks Long, Jahiti, and J Pope and Funk Friday! We would love to see you there. I play Joe Squared on September 24th, Gutierrez Studio on October 1, and Run for Your Lives (http://runforyourlives.com/locations/baltimore/) on October 22. As always, I play Terra on Fridays and Bohemian Dinner Party open mic on Wednesdays. I’ll be posting new dates and details. Be sure to stay updated at http://www.queenearth.com/calendar-of-shows. I’m also looking for more guitar students. I teach online 🙂 How? Ask queenearth@queenearth.com and visit the website for more details http://www.queenearth.com/queenearth-guitar-lessons

Thank you all for your continued support. I would not be able to exist without your love and enthusiasm. I hope to see you soon and with even more big news. Love. Laugh. Live.


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