QueenEarth March 2012: Quarterly Report

The mighty month of March has some exciting news!! First off, I’m rockin at Gutierrez Studios (2010 Clipper Park Road, Baltimore, MD 21211) with the Madden Brothers and Santendrix on Friday from 6-9pm. Gutierrez Studios is a full-service design and fabrication firm specializing in contemporary architectural metalwork, furniture and lighting. Every First Friday of the month they host an open house where you can check out their showroom, tour their magnificent facility, and meet the craftsmen.  The event is FREE! This is one of my favorite venues in the city.  www.gutierrezstudios.com

Photo from my last show at Gutierrez Studios. The gentleman in the photo will be joining me this month at Terra Cafe!

Photo from my last show at Gutierrez Studios. The gentleman in the photo will be joining me this month at Terra Cafe!

I also have a March guest hosting spot at Marc Evans’ Acoustic Thursdays, QueenEarth & Friends with Dan Sam and Ian Spaceman, and my Bohemian Open Mic! Did you know? I’ve got a monthly Hagerstown dinner show at a lovely soul food restaurant? Wowsers! Go to http://www.queenearth.com/calendar-of-shows/ for a full schedule! I’ve been keeping busy and trying to add to the quality of my gigs! I asked/wished for more press and college shows in 2012. Thank you to the universe for listening!

Not only did I kickoff the African American Arts Festival at University of Baltimore in February, I also joined my artist in rhyme/guitar friend LOVE the poet at the Bmore Proud Leadership Summit at UMBC Bmore Proud! This summit promotes awareness and education of queer issues on college campuses. Bmore proud also encourages socializing and networking to cultivate student involvement and leadership in the queer community. After years of working in Higher Education, it is ironic that my first “real” educational conference experience was as a musician. Read about our presentation http://bmoreproud.org/sessions/! I wear many hats! I can “check-off” college gigs for 2012, and I’m hoping for some more opportunities.

“From the first sound that came though the speakers, I was calmly comforted and consoled. Hearing QueenEarth was like having a musical hug.  What I listened to was like a lullaby – her sound is smooth and serene, she plays from a pleasingly peaceful place.  Her delivery is delightful, and also diverse. “ Thank you Sara’s Soundcheck : ) http://sarassoundcheck.com/2012/02/27/queenearth-royal-rhapsody/#more-772. She also supports indie music artists like myself! Visit her website to get “in the know” about up and coming superstars! Good press is always good!

Join the QueenEarth & Friends Facebook group! http://www.facebook.com/groups/106172289511499/

Both of the opportunities above would not have been available without the help of my close friends. You know who you are and I thank you for spreading the word. The year 2011 was about creating my street team and becoming a voice for many other folks and their causes. There is community in collaboration. That is my quote. I’m putting it on a T-shirt as we speak 😉 Speaking of Friends, join my new Facebook group, QueenEarth & Friends, to hear about my community of friends! Post the things you’re reading, hear about new shows in Baltimore, follow musicians from around the country/world etc. http://www.facebook.com/groups/106172289511499/. This group will also keep you posted about my monthly events, an open mic at Bohemian Coffee House (Last Wednesdays) and my live music show at Terra Cafe (3rd Saturdays), both of which feature friends in the music, poetry, and arts scene. All of this QueenEarth & Friends lovin’ wouldn’t be complete without a BRAND NEW LIVE AND ACOUSTIC ALBUM!! Details to follow at QueenEarth.com!

For more information on shows, new music, t-shirts, updates, and anything QueenEarth, visit www.queenearth.com! Thank you for your support!



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