QueenEarth: April 2012 Announcements and Awards!

It’s been a long time . . . I’m so excited to update you all on my comings and goings. First off, QueenEarth & Friends is growing. I’ve got more friends in the FB group and the monthly event at Terra Cafe (101 E 25th St) is building momentum. Every third Saturday, more and more folks are coming out! I hope to see you on April 21st! We start rockin at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm. We are making this even more unique by providing seating at a family style table. Come early and meet all of the “& Friends” and enjoy a night of good food, music, and new friends! There is a $5/$10BYOB cover, well worth it. The food is also amazing and after all is said and done, you’ve probably spent less than you would in a bar for a “free” show. Come out and support local musicians, poets, and emcees 🙂 This month features the ladies of the Fells Point female fronted open mic, The Clam Jam Band. I’ve also been getting some good reviews on the new album. Make sure you find me out and about to grab your copy! Here is my show calendar!

Me singing at my monthly open mic at Bohemian Coffee House! Photo by William Kelly

Me singing at my monthly open mic at Bohemian Coffee House! Photo by William Kelly

Speaking of good reviews, I was recently notified about an article from my alma mater! I graduated from Loyola. Loyola, and this music scene, called me to Baltimore. Here I am in their paper, The Greyhound! One of their writers went to a concert in Baltimore every Thursday and wrote a column about it. For this week, he assigned superlative names to his top choices out of the seventeen performances he went to this year. He saw QueenEarth and I got the award for “Embodiment of Baltimore Music.” This was a huge surprise and I’m extending a huge “thank you” and a hug to my Loyola family!


Any more good news? I just passed 13, 000 views on my YouTube channel. Thanks for the love. Here are some recent and recently discovered QueenEarth videos to check out!

HeidnSeek Entertainment/ HNSEEK.com presents
Rock & Soul: Baltimore’s Live Music Showcase @ Metro Gallery, February 2012! Featuring QUEEN EARTH. Sponsored by Stoli Vodka & Tapas Teatro.

This is the story of the beginning . . . the story of my journey as a musician here in Baltimore. My new album, the Facebook group, and the events all share the title QueenEarth & Friends. Follow us!
“What If” (Blessing the Arts Shaolin Remix – feat Chuck the Maddox, Hollywood, Adeke Rose, E Unit, Scorpio, Truth B Told, and Black Shadow RIP) is available on the album QueenEarth & Friends, available for distribution at any QueenEarth show! http://youtu.be/fUSrFeYtbeg

QueenEarth & Friends artwork. Illustration by Shana Buckholtz

QueenEarth & Friends artwork. Illustration by Shana Buckholtz

Check out this performance of an acoustically twisted remixed “Forgot About Dre.”
This is from Run for Your Lives, the infamous zombie 5k. http://youtu.be/LTls78BImq4

There is more to share, but I’ll be sending out my May newsletter soon. Did you know, the next QueenEarth & Friends will be my birthday celebration? It’s on May 19th. Save the date! I won’t tell you how old I am. You’ll have to come to the show. Details coming soon. For more information on shows, guitar lessons, updates, and anything QueenEarth, visit www.queenearth.com! Thank you for your all that you do!







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