Change Gon’ Come: Falling into September

With Fall comes transitions. I am kicking of my Fall 2012 with a student recital!! Join me at QueenEarth & Friends this month! Every 3rd Saturday, we party in my Acoustic Lounge at Terra Cafe (101 E 25th St). September 2012 features Hollywood Infinite and Serena Shapero. Two of my most senior guitar/creativity students are joining me on stage for a night of music, poetry, guitar, and creativity! There will also be a special open mic portion for current and former students. $5 cover gets you an awesome musical experience, $10 gets you a BYOB event! Seating is limited. Get there early! Come and grab a seat at a table with some of Baltimore’s best comfort food! Doors at 730. Show from 8-11pm. Contact for more info! Check out the Facebook event!

Other notable September events! (

  • Catonsville Arts and Crafts Festival with QueenEarth & Friends! That means Spaceman Ian, Santendrix, and Dan Sam 9/9
  • Bare Soul at Terra Cafe, Janice B features! I’m just in the band! 9/14
  • QueenEarth & Friends: Hagerstown Editon with Brooks Long 9/21
    Me and Janice B at HonFest photo courtesy of  The Wairehouse (

    Me and Janice B at HonFest photo courtesy of The Wairehouse (



I have learned so much about myself this past summer. Most of you also don’t know, but I am also an adjunct college professor. This summer, I took off my professor hat and went 100% into my artistry. That extends from gigs and a farmers market tour and into guitar lessons and creativity workshops at afterschool programs. Summer was high and low. I traveled a lot, played markets all over the DMV, went home for my family reunion in Pittsburgh, visited the beach and played a new gig at the Hawaiian Crab Bar & Grille in Delaware. I also found the hot summer months kept folks out of the markets and therefore, tips and CD sales were not what I had hoped. Sometimes, I feel like I question my own worth when I drive too far, to get paid too little, and play for too few listeners, or the possibility of tips and CD sales. Some afternoons, the tips were coming slowly. And then . . . I’d have a conversation with a listener about how much they enjoy my voice, the CD, my performance, a farmer passes me a bag of fresh vegetables even though the drought is hurting his wallet, or a new fan fills up my car with firewood! Those moments don’t pay my bills, but they are invaluable and often the encouragement that I needed to get through the rest of my show and head home with a smile on my face. Everyone wants to be appreciated and valued and often, it takes something other than money to express gratitude.


I know, without any spiritual reservations, that I am on the “right” path and I am doing work that I am called to do. In this new season, I’m looking to be smarter and to reflect on all I’ve learned about what it means to be me, what it means to be happy. My good friend Teporah (, also a singer/songwriter/entrepreneur, sent her fan mail this past week. She spoke about the challenges, and blessings, of our lifestyle as artists.


“Ebb and Flow. Letting Go. It feels really good. And the by-products are: renewed networking: (once you put that energy out there, others will feel you and start offering you opportunities), gigs that point more accurately toward the Path you really want to follow, a stronger Faith and Trust in knowing that Spirit and la Musique will co-create your Path with you, and finally, a sense of Peace.”


QE & Friends coloring page! This drawing represents the friends that I've met on my journey! My monthly event also features art AND music!

QE & Friends coloring page! This drawing represents the friends that I’ve met on my journey! My monthly event also features art AND music!


Money, friends, fans, gigs, venues, songs, chords, lyrics, will come and go. They must in order to make room for the “new.” Learning to accept this cycle is most important. I must only hold on to the lessons. I must walk in peace and continue to surround myself with a strong community. I’ve come so far and have so far to go. I hope you’ll join me and/or that I have been a positive influence to your own journey. Godspeed. Thank you for your continued support. Live. Laugh. Love.

p.s .I’ve submitted to some new music opportunities. Take a visit to my Facebook page for more into, and tell the organizers to vote for QueenEarth!

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