October is for Music and Education! Take Notes!

I never want to forget what it’s like to be a person in the chair listening to the performance. It is easy to get lost in a city so saturated with talent. I find myself grappling with my inner artist and my external fan. Why not take both perspectives and add another hat to my collection and throw it in the ring? Now, as a promoter for my own show, I ask myself, “Why in the world, with so many options on any given night of the week, would you want to come to my event?” I answer. Read my October blog at (http://www.queenearth.com/2012/10/closing-the-mic-queenearth-friends/)

Are you ready for October’s QueenEarth & Friends at Terra Cafe? October 20th is right around the corner! Who are the “& Friends” ?? How about Ama Chandra and Paulo Gregory?!! That sounds like class, soul, and an earth filled engagement. https://www.facebook.com/events/517971141563435/ We also have an ad in the city paper 🙂 http://weekly.citypaper.com/Events/e157258/QueenEarth

Paolo Gregory – This “& Friend” is a pioneer!  http://paulogregory.com/2econd-n8ture/

Ama Chandra – Performer, angel, soldier!  http://www.reverbnation.com/amachandra

No Diggity – QueenEarth & Friends (Cover) – Video of an awesome September 2012 performance with my DREAM BAND!!

Due to issues with the venue, I unfortunately have to cancel QueenEarth & Friends: Hagerstown Edition. Georgia Boy Cafe at Park Circle, it was a good year. I’m looking for new venues outside of the Bmore area. Maybe you can make some recommendations. I’ll bring my crew to your favorite spot!

I’m playing at Towson University, Coppin State University, and Loyola University this Fall. Come catch me at a free show rockin out for the college folks! For a full schedule, go to http://www.queenearth.com/calendar-of-shows/. Most don’t know, but I started my music and educational careers in higher education!

I’m teaching Guitar Basics at CCBC Catonsville Sat 11/3 – 12/8 10:30am-12:30. Here is a link where you can register for classes and get more information. http://www.ccbcmd.edu/ceed/reg.html.

I just recently started lessons with my first guitar teacher. I’m so excited to learn some new techniques and open up my musical repertoire. I also teach private guitar and creativity lessons. Let me know if you’re interested in scheduling a few sessions. Maybe you’ll learn a song or two and give someone a gift this holiday season http://www.queenearth.com/queenearth-music-workshops-interest-survey-and-questionnaire/ :p

If you’re looking for an after school program or a summer camp (didn’t summer just end?), I must recommend The Literacy Connection! I am privileged to work with such an organized team and our leader, Dr. Jenkins, is an educational innovator. http://literacyconnection.org/After-School_Academy.html

That was a lot, not all of it, and there is still so much more to tell. Stay tuned for next month’s update and more blogs in between! Thank you for your continued support! Live. Laugh. Love.

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