Riding Out the Storm: Adult Contemporary

I hope you are all safe and taking shelter while this storm passes over our heads. If my calculations are correct, most of you are being impacted by this storm. I uploaded a Youtube song to help you pass the time 😉 http://youtu.be/Od2VAa4jbIs

Who are you?

As you know, I am QueenEarth.

Who am I?

As I mature into Adult Contemporary, I think about the things that I want do, the legacy I want to leave, for my family and friends.

I wear so many hats and crowns. Musician. Professor. Educator. Human. From making music to making a positive impact, I want to be proud of the work that I do. Being QueenEarth doesn’t start and end when I step on and off a stage. This month, I blogged about what it means to be me and what it will mean. http://www.queenearth.com/2012/10/lessons-from-the-garden/. I learned a lot on my Farmer’s Market Tour. With gardening and my business, this whole thing is a lifestyle. The next time I see red peeking thought the tomato bushes, I go outside to grab it. I make sure I seize that moment. I accept the smallest gift and appreciate it. Share it. I am thankful. I never have to be without a teachable moment. How else can I make a positive impact and share my lessons?

For me, teaching and learning creativity is about writing. My words transform into songs and melodies. Music and art allow me to see my evolution! If you’re interested in scheduling a few guitar/creativity sessions, I’m booking for Winter Session, January 2 – January 25, 2013. I teach online and “on-the-ground” 🙂 http://www.queenearth.com/queenearth-music-workshops-interest-survey-and-questionnaire/

In my efforts to save paper and print less cardstock, I ordered new promotional materials. I still have to conduct business and shake hands. I don’t have to add trash to a landfill pile. These new postcards grant free admission for a guest with a paid admission. I will reuse the cards that are returned. On the back side of the card, I’ve got information about the QueenEarth Music catalog. It’s my way to advertise, recycle, and add more “& Friends” to the movement. Look for the new materials at Terra Cafe, Atwater’s in Catonsville, Mt. Vernon, and anywhere you find QueenEarth. You’ll be able to help begin this cycle on November 17, 2012 with Black Root and Wordslave at QueenEarth & Friends! Check out the Facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/517971141563435/?fref=ts

 I have to do my part and be involved in this movement to save the earth. It is bigger than me. I do it for my niece and nephew, for my god daughters, for those who will be here and need to drink clean water, play outside, and breathe clean air. From the garden to my business, I am overwhelmed by all of the small changes that I make. I have to start somewhere. Thank you all for this movement. Follow us. Tell a friend. Live. Laugh. Love,

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