Changing Coasts! QueenEarth to San Francisco!

My friends on both coasts were smack talking on FB all night. I’m from Pittsburgh, but on Superbowl Sunday night in 2013, I had to root for Baltimore. That is definitely a first. Speaking of new stuff, I’m trying to play for a bigger audience. That means getting spots on online radio and trying to do some road shows. I want to bring Bmore to San Fran! I’m hoping to play at the 43rd San Francisco Pride Celebration! Post on their wall to request QueenEarth. Check out my FB page to see my other submission inquiries ( I’d love your support via a post on a FB wall.


Speaking of change, my hair is growing so fast! Check out this photo from Winter 2011. GO STEELERS!

QueenEarth & Friends, the event, is changing. We’re definitely not an open mic, but I certainly wouldn’t call it closed. I guess we’re making our own lane or widening the road. All performers are welcome! It is turning into somewhat of an open playing format. In addition to featuring, the “& Friends” band for the night can also be the house band and accompany the performers. We’ll also have a limited open mic list. I may even add a spotlight artist during the break. These are all possibilities. I struggle with rules and definitions, but part of creating means to make ideas manifest into concrete representations. It also means that I should not be afraid of change.

Come enjoy our creation at Terra Cafe! Our featured artists change every month. For February, the “& Friends” are J Pope and Funk Friday! We’re calling all Goucher family, dope emcees, scat cats, and beatboxers to Terra for this awesome show! It’s gonna be a Gopher Hole Reunion.

Check out this throwback video of me and J Pope! Who knows? We might do an acoustic set!

Change is inevitable. Life reminds me that nothing is permanent. I’ve been thinking about the changes in my journey while I maintain stability on my path and awareness of my direction. I know I am walking an ever changing road. Life says I must press on.  I am finding purpose in my steps and looking forward to making progress. On the other hand, I ask myself, what are the things and who are the people that I want to keep around? I love my circle and I realize that my relationships will change, yet I intend to maintain my personal and professional connections! I’m also committed to keeping music in my life! I will continue to surround myself with creativity. All of this discovering is urging me to inquire with new venues and branch out. Wherever I go, I will not forget my purpose.

My final push for change this month? I’ve changed my website. I’m transitioning into my full cartoon creation. That means you can look forward to some more QueenEarth Coloring pages 🙂 I’m still human, but I’m upgrading my status with some slick website modifications. For creativity, lessons, bookings, education, and shows please visit! Live. Laugh. Love.



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