Adult Contemporary is Here!

Adult Contemporary is here! Get a copy from my hands when you find me at a gig/open mic/ farmers market etc OR get a nice USPS package! For you new school digital music lovers, the  album is available for download on Spotify, itunes, and Amazon 🙂

Take a look inside!

Sample some of the tracks!

Adult Contemporary Cover Photo by QueenEarth Design by Kespig Designs Album drops Summer 2013!

Adult Contemporary Cover
Photo by QueenEarth
Design by Kespig Designs
Album drops August 2013!

Sample some of the tracks!

Adult Contemporary Release August 2013
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When you get a copy, leave love on the wall and share your thoughts/reviews etc!



“Queen Earth, I have been so enjoying your latest CD (even in advance of the CD release party LOL), just dancing in the kitchen to the beautiful, powerful and rhythmic “What If”, beautiful message and the rhythm makes you move in beautiful ways! Also I have a favorite memory of you performing the song at Terra Cafe and my gorgeous niece . . .  joining in on verses she wrote and delivered so powerfully. I was so happy to be a witness and I’m ready for more! . . .  your voice is so beautiful and your songs…the beat of the acoustic “The Elements” is another that makes me dance, anyway, I’m enjoying and I thank you!!!”

“Her voice with sultry frequencies and her flow accompany themself on an instrumentation rather acoustic (guitar, piano, beat box, percussions) and the whole brings a sunny side to her music which is very pleasant to listen. Song and rap marry to perfection and each track has a surprise. One passes from a song to another with a lot of pleasure.” Thanks!

Sample some of the tracks!



2 thoughts on “Adult Contemporary is Here!

  1. Missy your amazing. I love supermodel. So proud of you. You have come so far from will’s little sister running around linsly. Congrats you deserve the world. I will be buying the albulm as soon as it drops.
    Congrats again,
    Abigail Tyson

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