QueenEarth & Friends: Portland


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QE & Friends: Portland https://www.facebook.com/events/1446624612251488/

QE & Friends: Portland

QueenEarth & Showpony present . . . QueenEarth & Friends: Portland!
July 4 – 6. 2014 at We Moon Land in Estacada, Oregon
Women, camping, and creativity. This is an intentionally women’s centered event and a safe space/retreat for female empowerment.


Your price includes 2 nights of camping, four healthy meals and preparation, over 15 hours of activities, evening bonfires, an intimate QueenEarth concert, and a community creative activity! This is a full weekend, creative retreat, and safe space for women. Saturday Day Pass also available. Please check the schedule for activities. Meals will NOT BE included.

Got a large group of friends? Teachers? Colleagues? Book a group of 4 and the 5th person gets a 50% discount. *If you all work for the same company, your business will be featured in our event newsletter! Please e-mail QueenEarth@queenearth.com for more info about group discounts!

Registration Incentive!

  •      #1 – 10 – Receive a signed/original QueenEarth Drawing and an EP!
  •      #11 – 20 – Receive a signed/original copy of a QueenEarth EP!
  •      #21- 30 – Receive a signed/orginal copy of a QueenEarth drawing!



Staff Bios
QueenEarth – Creative Operations and Featured Artist
ShowPony – Facilities / We’Moon Liaison











About QueenEarth & Friends: Portland!
A Women’s Retreat

This is an intentionally women’s centered event and a safe space/retreat for female empowerment.

QueenEarth & Friends, a networking creative events movement, has  joined forces with We’ Moon Land, (reinventing itself, open to We’moon of all ages visiting and helping steward womyn’s land practicing earth-based spirituality, consensus, natural healing, organic gardening, permaculture, eco-foresty, earth-friendly building ) in Estacada, OR! Pack your bags for a weekend of women, camping, and creativity. Enjoy activities, workshops, and sisterhood on the We Moon Land of Oregon. Featuring a special QueerCore performance and open mic hosted by QueenEarth. www.queenearth.com/queercore  #qefriendspdx

Traditionally homogenous communities, there is a larger movement to redefine and reinvent the perceptions of Women’s Lands. For Showpony, reinventing meant bringing more ethnic cultural diversity. For QueenEarth it meant bringing creativity to new intentional communities. Femininity comes in many colors, sizes, sexualities, ages, and representations. Let us come together and build a community closest to the Earth in the beautiful forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. All women are welcome here. We will kick off the weekend with a fireside chat about celebrating diversity and unification, inclusivity and exclusivity, solitude and community. Our hope is that you will leave feeling closer to yourself, closer to a new sisterhood of women, closer to the Earth.

We Moon Land

We Moon Land

We are asking ask women to share their time to help out with initiatives on the land. What does that mean? We will be offering over 15 hours of workshops and community activities from yoga, songwriting, to reiki, and more! The open mic will also involve a community art project! We want you to spend your time enjoying yourselves, in whatever way that means for you. Some of the better parts of the weekend will be the conversations with your sisters, community yoga in the beautiful green spaces, gardening for the evening meal, building a new structure for the land, cooking with the nutrition team, collecting wood for the bonfires, etc. As time approaches, women will be provided with a list of activities. Your time is not mandatory, but it is encouraged. Women are also encouraged to find solitude on the hiking trails and woodlands.

About QueenEarth & Friends

QueenEarth & Friends encourages creative networking and social interactions. Our network keeps folks informed about music, educational opportunities, events, artists, and the sharing of good news and insight in the QueenEarth circle. It enables support of her ventures and the endeavors of her friends, fans, and colleagues. By increasing their presence, QueenEarth & Friends brings light to a growing collective of leaders in education, music, and creativity. Created by a musical performer who blurs lines between genres and an educational professional who serves various populations, QueenEarth & Friends seeks to:

  • entertain and educate through programming that celebrates an appreciation for music and arts
  • support a growing diverse network of education, music, and creative professionals
  • promote creativity and its role as a catalyst for personal growth and development
  • encourage social justice through collaborative community programming and services

QueenEarth & Friends: Portland! Is our newest event! This is a women’s centered event and a retreat for female empowerment. Join/share the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/1446624612251488/ Please also use the hashtag #qefriendpdx


Coloring pages and original artwork gets created while performers sing and share poetry!

Coloring pages and original artwork gets created while performers sing and share poetry!


About We’ Moon
We’Moon Land is a picturesque 55 acres outside Estacada, OR, where only womyn have lived since 1973.  The houses, cabins, workshops, sauna, and yurt that dot the partially forested landscape were built by the womyn residents, and it was this community that started the now famous, and incredibly beautiful, We’Moon Astrological calendars as a successful cottage industry. 


4 – 7pm Arrive at We’Moon Land Campground, Set up Campsites
7pm  – 8:30 Welcome Meal and Meet and Greet!
8:30 – ?? Sunset/Fireside Chat

8 – 10am Sunrise and Breakfast
10am – 5pm Land Activities – List provided on website. Full list upon arrival
12:30 – 2pm – Activity Break for Community Lunch
6:00pm – 7:30pm Dinner and Building a Fire
7:00pm – 10:00pm QueerCore Concert and Community Create/Open Mic
The sunsets at ~9:00pm on July 4th in Portland

8am – Noon – Sunrise Morning Land Exploring/Activities
12 – 2pm Sunday Farewell Brunch and Photos
2 – 5pm Testimonies and Closing Activities




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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if this is event will also be done in Estacada or surrounding area in 2015. This sounds like so much fun, just found out about it and unable to attend this year. Thank you.


    • We are looking forward to the weekend. The plan is to have an even bigger gathering in 2015. This year, we welcome folks to come and look forward to an intimate kickoff event. Any chance you’ll change your plans and come join us? E-mail me if you have any questions! QueenEarth@queenearth.com 🙂

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