QueenEarth is One Word: Limited Edition Mixtape and EP

QueenEarth is ONE Word

I’m sharing my music in a new way. My name is often misspelled. I have joked about making it (see above) an album title. Why joke? Here it is!

Being the new kid has taught me that I need to tell folks,  QueenEarth is ONE Word 😉 I hope I can make friends with the people in London and leave a good impression!  Read below to find out about the new mixtape and the unique way that I am sharing my songs in 2014.

QueenEarth is ONE Word Acoustic EP 2014 Only available at QueenEarth.com!

QueenEarth is ONE Word
Acoustic Mixtape 2014
Only available at QueenEarth.com!

This new mixtape can be shipped anywhere in the world. Choose from 4 covers! For each mixtape, I select my favorite tracks.

Limited Edition QueenEarth is ONE Word Mixtape

Limited Edition QueenEarth is ONE Word Mixtape

Each handcrafted album features artwork by QueenEarth and/or my favorite Illustrator Shana Buckholtz! Grab 14+ QueenEarth songs, most featuring collaborations with her & Friends.

Stinkiface Music
Mo Rece
Ian “Spaceman” Trusheim
Dan Sam
Quinton Randall
Queen B.
Janice B.
David Ross and more!

Shipping is included!

Fans in the United States!!

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Fans in the UK/EU!!

Choose Your Album Artwork!
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“You can’t think about forever yet, so girl let’s ponder dancing in the rain.”

In January 2014, I decided that I was a terrible visual artist. I gave up Facebook for 30 days, and I spent time drawing everyday. Everyday, I took my dog to the dog park and sketched in my notepad while he ran around and made friends with the other canines. If you look closely, you can see a dog on a leash behind the kite string. That’s my little family at the beach.

QueenEarth - Stargazer

QueenEarth – Stargazer

Creativity encourages me to take little leaps of faith. I take little leaps of faith everyday and draw something new, cook a new meal, walk down a new street. In every little leap, I am pausing in the space in mid-air where faith and fear collide. This message is in the lyrics and the art. I will never be afraid to stop and smell the roses or stargaze. This song is about being present and enjoying each moment. This lesson has come around full circle, as I find myself happier, fulfilled, and intentionally immersed in my artistry. There is clarity in every creation and every gesture to overcome the things that I fear.

This drawing represents a new era in my growth as an artist. Also, this song was the first love song that I wrote after I beat a self imposed curse. I believed that writing about my love would make that love fizzle. I had it backwards. I let pain move my pen, instead of writing through it and telling an uplifting story. I learned that I should always do my art. I have learned to write whether happy, sad, scared, elated, or jaded. This song is a campfire toast to the little ways we pause to stare at the sun and dream big, knowing that we don’t have all of the answers. “Stargazer” is about taking chances.

Introducing QueenEarth Throwback

Four summers ago, I jumped into my dreams. I had a car-ful of “stuff”, half of which would be donated or purged, a backpack full of CDs and an adolescent vehicle to carry me wherever I needed to go. I had always dreamed of having an album and there is a story behind the cover for my very first project.

In middle school, I used to draw cartoon characters in my notebooks, especially in art class. By 2010, it had been years since I attempted a drawing. I sat down to think about what it meant to be QueenEarth, my adopted stage name. I had no words. Only a pencil and a blank page, no lines or parameters. I began to draw. At the moment, I ceased being afraid and made a small step towards living a playful and creative life. QueenEarth was born. I took my favorite CD, at the time, and drew a circle in my notebook. I wish I could remember the album. I think it’s irrelevant.

Introducing . . . QueenEarth

Introducing . . . QueenEarth

More pronounced, to me in 2014, is the idea that it was music, not a genre or an artist or a song, that sparked the light in my life. When I don’t listen to music I am unhappy. In 2014, I’ve traded my sandals for Adidas and I walk through downtown San Jose with my favorite sneakers, meeting the people, learning to love more of the world. Earphones on. If I ever doubted myself before, now I know that I AM QueenEarth 😀



I want a house not too far from a city, maybe somewhere in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by trees. I want a nice wrap around porch and a view of thunderstorms and sunsets. I want to be able to wander aimlessly, on foot, to find a bench or a lake, a river or a grass hillside for picnics and blanket writing. Read the full blog about my favorite cover for the August 2014 single “Home” 🙂

Home - Single August 2014 - GooglePlay, itunes, Amazon, Spotify

Home – Single August 2014 – GooglePlay, itunes, Amazon, SpotifyRead about the cover art for “Home”



I will be taking big strides in London and I wonder what kind of art I will create after/during a long European vacation. It’s not really a vacation because I never stop being an artist. There is much work to be done. Writing, drawing, walking, talking to new and old friends, teaching, exploring. The job is endless. I pause when I take time to create. My dreams manifest themselves in my drawings and songs. If I’m lucky, those sketches and songs become concrete 🙂 I can’t wait to see what art will come out of this adventure! I hope you’ll follow me for more music and more stories.

QueenEarth is ONE Word EP

If you want the digital EP, a collection of 5 new songs, click here and DOWNLOAD!


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