5 Reasons to Take Writing for Success: Life Skills in Composition

Change starts with education. When I made a major change to “start over” and find a career path that would be most fulfilling, I also found myself taking courses to learn how to teach writing, build lessons plans, and share the life skills that would help my students to be successful. I have applied those lessons to my own life. I had to set goals for myself, find people who could help me. I am so proud of the distance I’ve traveled, in miles and experience. I took the time to write my dreams, ask myself difficult questions, find the things that make me happy, study other leaders, and learn to motivate myself towards my own version of success and happiness.  I want to help others to find similar fulfillment. I am taking my skills to an online classroom at Oplerno.com. Here are 5 reasons to take my course, a college required English 101 equivalent, Writing for Success: Life Skills in Composition. 

Studying at the Queen's Head in Brook Green. Photo by Pics by Baz (https://www.facebook.com/PicsByBaz)

Studying at the Queen’s Head in Brook Green.
Photo by Pics by Baz (https://www.facebook.com/PicsByBaz)

1. Life Skills are Important for Everyone. Whether a new college student or working professional, understanding and overcoming life’s challenges will increase your likelihood for success and achievement. I have been studying and am inspired by Julia Cameron, Joseph Campbell, Brainpickings, Carol Dweck, cultural studies, history, entrepreneurship, leadership, and many other disciplines. If it’s your first time making a big change, or your desire to freshen up your writing skills, the lessons in this course will help you ask and answer some of life’s most challenging questions.

  • What do I like to do?
  • Where would I like to go?
  • How do I get there?
  • Who can help me?
  • When will I accomplish these goals?
  • Why am I important to my community?

2. Oplerno Provides Quality/Affordable Education – Education should be affordable. With Oplerno, it is. “Oplerno’s goals are to lower the cost of education for students, increase the quality and diversity of available programs, and further educational opportunities for everyone worldwide.” You will not be sacrificing quality of instruction or taking on high interest rates for your student loans. Without brick and mortar costs, we can keep the prices of our courses low. Online education gives all students an opportunity to learn a new subject.

Some people will want to take courses for a job. Others want to do research for a project. In my course, you will learn to write while fulfilling a requirement on every college transcript. Whether you are a STEM major or a liberal arts aficionado, this class will help you build a foundation of writing and reading skills. Writing for Success will teach you how to brainstorm, write good drafts, understand grammar, gather research, and be part of a writing community. The skills in this course will elevate your writing and reading in every other aspect of your life. You will learn to be a better communicator. You might even gain a little bit of creativity.

3. Be a Part of Educational Progress – By enrolling at Oplerno, you are a part of the movement for affordable higher education, global networking, and lifelong learning. These credit level courses will introduce you to a network of international learners. We will discuss the benefits of growing our networks and how we can help write_somethingeach other to benefit our local and global communities. You will meet other academics, master new technology, and engage in an online community. I will give you opportunities to share your stories in discussion, on social media, and in your journal. Guest writers, entrepreneurs, and professors will join us on social media and you will get to meet people who could be mentors. #lifeskills101 

4. 1on1 Time with the Professor – As part of a writing community, you will learn to write and read even better through peer review. Conferences and Professor Review are also worked into the syllabus. You will have several chances, throughout the semester, to go over your writing with me and your classmates, before you turn in your paper for a final grade. My students enjoy the 1on1 format and the conversations around editing, discussing the details of their thoughts, and improving their written works. I look forward to helping each student to find their writer’s voice, discover their opinions, and learn to argue. The writing community is my favorite part of the course.

My classrooms are #safespaces and I encourage students to learn about themselves through writing!

My classrooms are #safespaces and I encourage students to learn about themselves through writing!

5. I Am So Excited to Teach This Course! - I want to help people be original, think their own thoughts, and find and stand among other great leaders. I believe in lifelong learning, critical thinking, and social justice. My hands on experience has been as faculty and administration and I have taught a range of courses and subjects from Typing and 6th grade Computer Applications to Developmental Writing, College Composition, and Reading. I have continued with professional development and certificates in Curriculum Design, Pedagogy of Online Teaching, Multicultural Education, Accelerated Learning, Reading, and Composition. I enjoy building community with music and multicultural events, and I bring my community building mindset into the online classroom. My combination of skills has taught me how to teach with unique student populations, online and on-the-ground, and I have acquired a collection of tools and lessons plans to help people read, write, and live successfully. For more information about this course and other Oplerno offerings, visit our website! 


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