The Art of Peace: A Creative Retreat


How do you draw out your crazy? Literally. Where do you deposit all the nonsense that clouds your mind? Where do you direct the noises and the clutter that keep you from being present? For many, that answer is ART. If art is the thing that keep your sanity, if it is the medium where you channel the world’s chaos, then let us be honored to invite you to our artist’s retreat and community building event, The Art of Peace.

An artist’s vision can be small or focused, the micro execution and the hands and muscles that move the tools for creating, are vast and expansive, with no limits or boundaries and open to all possibilities. In those primordial moments of creation, in the movement towards concrete manifestation, and in our reflective silence during the artistic process, we find ourselves and our purpose. We watch our creations manifest into reality. We believe in partnerships, building better teams, sharing our personal relationships with our art, and finding the guilds and leaders of the artistic community. Change and evolution are not scary when we can find the people who are walking before, after, and among us. When we realized the scope of our interests and the possibilities for our idea to grow and evolve, we came back to art. We found the common thread that unites our vision and calls others to join us in our shared experience. The Art of Peace wants to find and grow our creative artistic community.

Creatives sew seeds in a garden bed with their hands. Writer’s sketch lines and make erasure’s on paper. Painters add color and plan in positive and negative space on an easel. Musicians soulfully play vibrations on their instruments. Orators leave their spirit on a stage behind a microphone and a 4th wall. Architects build homes and create spaces for hearts and hands to work and love. Artistic leaders carry their teams to greater innovation. We are not bound by trade, only restricted by our reality, which grows with each new experience towards fearlessness in our creative imaginations. Change and evolution are not scary when we can find the people who are walking before, after, and among us. A wild and healthy exchange of ideas between artists in peace and community,  can defy any boundaries created by earthly awareness and may even change a culture. Creative unity is a powerful force. The Art of Peace will provide a full weekend of rest, relaxation, and peaceful unity for the creative leaders, dreamers, and doers in our community. 

We envision a beautiful venue with private and community space. We see writers gathered in a room and throughout land. We see collaboration and testimonies. We see music and monologues, instruments and theater. We see a kitchen full of vegetable chopping and  smell smoke from an outdoor firepit. We hear mother nature and crickets performing, the wind harmonizing between leaves of grass. We see you with us. We are looking for the perfect group to compliment the beauty of mother nature and our chosen dwelling space. We will share our creations, after the retreat, at a community event. We invite you to be there to create with us.

Our next event is in Baltimore, MD at The Living Well on June 23rd 6:30-8:30pm.



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