The Streets


Today is my birthday. I am so lucky to take take a mini vacation and do some exploring in the streets and roads of the Southwest. I dream about the dessert. I used to draw pictures of my desert getaway. I am finally taking my road trip through New Mexico!  Look for more pics of the things I will see when the tires touch down over on Instagram @msqueenearth

My gift to you is a series of song lyrics and memes. Good lyrics are like little pieces of knowledge, little gifts like pebbles on a path, stones for attracting different wishes. Each one will come with a  little story. Some will come with new music. This first share is a lyric from a song on my upcoming project Universe. “The Streets.” You’ll hear more about soon!

thestreetsMy reflections from this past year have been wonderful. I am thankful for travel and thankful for being grounded. I am thankful for writers and lyricists. Wordsmiths. I am thankful for artists like Prince, for people who are true to their call to make music, to create every day and leave a legacy for others. I’ll keep on creating and building  with my growing collective of talented souls and story sharers. I am thankful for Prince and all of the stories that surround his mystique. There is something, in each of his song lyrics, for all of us. Whether listening or sharing, I hope you enjoy this next season of words. May we all grow in the communication.



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