Collared (Covid Acapella Remix)

This song is one of my stories when I do Queer Core. I come from Southern roots, gospel music, soul food, and cast iron pancakes. I have learned to say enslaved instead of slave, as language is powerful. A slave has no past and no potential. An enslaved person is human and placed in captivity. How shall I refer to my roots? We are called to walk in faith, to till the Earth, and to hold onto the legacy from before captivity.

I hope you enjoy this ode to the musical roots, especially the ones that came from my mother. Unchained. Free. Faith filled. Blessed. Check out this bathroom/ closet flow remix. I decided to share this one early, in honor of all the folks who cannot gather to celebrate their loved ones passing into ancestry during Coronavirus 2020.


I stand before my maker
They are between
Me and the darkness
Before and after
I stand between
Heaven and earth
Roots planted
And when they called
I wasn’t afraid to answer
Collared (I wasn’t afraid)
I kneel to pray
Plant these seeds of faith
Dirt on my face
I kneel between
The hardest ground
The softest dirt
No empty pursuits
Plenty of food
A harvest
HarvestBlood of Queens
Blood of Slaves
Out of the darkness
Break these chains

Blood of Queens
Blood of Slaves
Out of the darkness
Break these chains

Collared (I wasn’t afraid)


from Queer Core: Songs for Isolation, track released April 26, 2020
Written by M Smith
Recorded and Mixed by QueenEarth
All vocals by QueenEarth
Composed and arranged by QueenEarth
Bass and vocal percussion by QueenEarth


all rights reserved

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