Queer Core: The Music

In my adventures as a music artist, educator, activist, entrepreneur, and community member . . . I started Queer Core: Behind the Music because a farmer’s market owner (whom I later found out was an elder Black lesbian) didn’t want me to sing “she” vs “he” in my market repertoire. She didn’t want to make the customers uncomfortable . . . Because she didn’t love herself enough to make space for “us” and move a little towards progress.
I’m trying to figure out why some social media apps keep rejecting my posts/ads for this meaningful art, while I follow their selectively stringent guidelines (that resemble dress codes at night clubs/ no white tees) that seem to be ignored for other posts, but maybe the word #Queer is triggering.
I wrote this song because folks preach about making some of us choose a part of our identity to represent each day/moment . . . Black, Queer, Woman . . .I show up like this everyday.
This song would’ve never been written without the struggle. Shout out to the designer Custom 808 for making my vision a reality with this awesome lyric video and the conversations that made it possible!

400 years of captivity
75 years of Jim Crow and legal lynching

The knowledge that I/we/us could always be arrested
for breathing in the wrong direction
or looking
or walking
or working
or having the audacity to be ourselves
in our own skin . . .
A Great Migration and a Stonewall later,
I emerged to tell my Queer Black story.

I hope you enjoy! #bars



Queer Core
By QueenEarth

They call me something
My ancestors never woulda claimed
It’s not the same
When you’re raised for a world that don’t exist
No amount of experience
Can prepare you for this,
they scare you for this
With tales of “back in my day”
But we don’t run
And we don’t hide
I hope we have a future to say the same
With global warming and missile soarings
The curve is soaring up to the sky
And i just
Stay home and dig in the dirt like my granddaddy
back in his time
Maybe nothing’s changed
Whether or not they get me
They too 90° for my 360°
I’m too blue collar for their gentry
Clap your hands if you’re with me
If they cock they head on your entry

Queer to the Core
What you writing for?
Queer to the Core
Who you fighting for?

Stone Butch Blues
Feminism Suffrage
Ta Nehisi Coates
Dropping knowledge in my syllabus
They try to pit me against me
The core of the constitution written not to fit me
Send me agenda
Fact checking triggering
Asking me to split my soul
And weigh the worst of suffering
Stonewall uncoverings
And lies was told
Now a statistic missing from your interest list
We play in the blind space where you can’t see
Making music in your bell curve
X to your Y
How you draw lines with out me?
Maybe nothings’ changed
Whether or not they get me
I’m too shiny for the ashy
I ain’t even tryn
The glitter it just finds me
If you gone put me in the story
Let me define me

Queer to the Core
What you writing for?
Queer to the Core
Who you fighting for?

Words hold power
Stories as well
So what you gonna spell?
With Black girl Magic
In your coattails
Griots in you blood
Chalk lines
Hip hop disco
Black Moses
West like San Francisco
Come up for the Kinfolk
Miss me with the”Oh wells”
Promises and wishing wells
Diggin deep enough to flood the street
We make our own pails
Underneath the table
Pay my Black tax
Call in Queer
Sick day on my period
And no call backs
LLC imperative
Got a coat rack full o’ hats
Which one I’m wearing when you call
You wonder how I got it
And since you not the plug
you gon pay me if you want it
I take it off when the phone clicks
Charge you for the game
Taken from my ancestors
Maybe nothings changed
Still they won’t silence me
But they use me in their marketing

Queer to the Core
What you writing for?
Queer to the Core
Who you fighting for?


released October 15, 2020
Written and composed by M. Smith
Produced by QueenEarth
Co-production and mastering by Kariz Marcel

Recorded in Baltimore, MD

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