About QueenEarth

QueenEarth is a singer/songwriter and creative professional. She has over ten year of experience as a host/emcee, performer, event planner, speaker, and educator. She has released 5 albums of original music, solo projects and collaborations. QueenEarth travels with her educational concert, QueerCore: Behind the Music, to share her songwriting stories for LGBT audiences and its allies. This evolving showcase has been offered as a workshop, retreat, open mic, and community event for cultural celebrations.

Photo from a table at the Down 2 Earth cafe, my first London booking! Thanks Pics by Baz!

Her commitment to social justice has taken her to many institutions including SUNY Oswego, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Baltimore, Mission High School in San Francisco, and We’Moon land in Portland, OR. She has connected with colleagues for projects as far as the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom and performed on stages in Baltimore, London, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her music has been featured in Queer Music Heritage, Lezbelib, and Baltimore OUTLoud. You can also find her songs on the soundtrack to the Dyke Central web series. She continues to write and record.

In addition to sharing her music, she offers private and online instruction in creative coaching and guitar/songwriting. QueenEarth finds the greatest joy when she can bring her experience together for education, music, and creativity. When she is not making music, she is hanging out at Writer’s Planet.

She offers the following educational/entertainment programming:cropped-1-backstagecoloraudience.jpg

  • Queercore: Behind the Music – Observers engage in a concert and hear the intimate stories behind some of the songs and poems from a  queer artist(s). Discussion, open/mic, crowd participation is encouraged. Topics cover gender, cultural identity, and social justice. GLBT Youth, College Students, and ally groups will enjoy the educational entertainment.
  • Guitar lessons
  • Creativity coaching and creative events
  • Music at an event, class, college, party, craft fair , farmers market, shower, wine and cheese, holiday festival, brunch, lunch, happy hour, art gallery, women’s center, corporate happy hour, etc.

Inquiries? E-mail QueenEarth@queenearth.com!


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