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Missy Smith (QueenEarth) is a singer/songwriter and creative professional.  She has decades of experience as a performer, educator, and event planner. Her coursework and portfolio includes writing and composition, curriculum and instruction, diversity and inclusion, and arts integration for classrooms, events, and programs. She has a passion for curating spaces for community conversations and loves working with higher education administration, student leaders, and spiritual communities. She is a business consultant in marketing, community engagement, and equity and inclusion. QueenEarth travels with Queercore, as she is always looking to cultivate culture by building bridges with music, events, and conversations!                                                                                                             

QueenEarth travels with her educational concert, QueerCore: Behind the Music, to share songwriting stories for LGBTQ audiences and allies. This evolving showcase has been offered as a workshop, retreat, open mic, and community event for cultural celebrations. All are invited to share in the open mic! The stories from the audience are the best part of the experience. 

Queer Core is evolving from music and story sharing to an educational program that advocates for self expression and awareness, using creativity to help communities engage in challenging conversations about equity and inclusion. J Little, a Baltimore educator and radical activist, joins forces with QueenEarth to present Queer Core as a program on college campuses and to train adults and professionals on equity and inclusion.


List of logos for past performances at colleges and conferences

List of logos for past performances at colleges and conferences


Her commitment to social justice has taken her to many institutions including SUNY Oswego, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Baltimore, Mission High School in San Francisco, and We’Moon land in Portland, OR. She has connected with colleagues for projects as far as the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom and performed on stages in Baltimore, London, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her music has been featured in Queer Music Heritage, Lezbelib, and Baltimore OUTLoud. You can also find her songs on the soundtrack to the Dyke Central web series. She continues to write and record.


QueenEarth has released 5 albums of original music, solo projects, and collaborations. In 2018 she released a project, Universe, with The QueenEarth Band (TQB), and a solo EP called Melissa. These new releases are available on all digital music stores. TQB hosted an open mic every 2nd Tuesday in Baltimore. Grounded, an eclectic performance venue for musicians, poets, and storytellers, lasted for 5 seasons.



The QueenEarth band is comprised of QueenEarth (lead vocals, guitar) , Andrew Walen  Captain AWOL (lead guitar/bass), andBlack Root (vocal percussion/emcee). The trio formed in Baltimore through improvisational collaborations in the open mic scene. They combine soulful lyrics, country, hip-hop, and pop influences, to create urban acoustic sounds. 

QueeEarth YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOw7vhwt370aKz6v3UP2AQ

The QueenEarth Band – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooBBzwtA8GQ

IG/Twitter @msqueenearth
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thequeenearthband/

Inquiries? E-mail QueenEarth@queenearth.com!


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