The Art of Peace

Collaboration – Community – Creativity – Mother Nature – Escape – Peace – Music – Arts – Serenity

Our team has a unified vision to guide leadership for a creativity centered retreat, The Art of Peace. Together, our team will bring more arts, art-filled events, and intercultural dialogue to urban communities. The Art of Peace is the result of combined passions for arts and social justice. This community event will provide a weekend of creativity, retreat, and artistic collaboration.

Come to our artist’s gathering! We will host a series of events leading up to our Fall retreat. Stay tuned and sign our mailing list to stay informed!

Our next event is in Baltimore, MD on June 23 at The Living Well! 

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One thought on “The Art of Peace

  1. I’d be really excited to be a part of your team. The energy feels like what I’m looking for. Follow up with me! 🙂

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