Creative Coaching

My partner was one of many who got me a creativity/art set for Christmas! I can wait to make something!

Creative Coaching (online and in person) – Athletes, and artists, need a personal trainer. Beginner and seasoned artists can benefit from lessons meant to maintain or be a catalyst for artistic development. Students will enjoy writing and art based activities for building life skills channeled through creative mediums. Preference is given to singer/songwriters or curious students. Lessons will focus on goal setting, identifying allies for creative growth, motivation and productivity, and life balance. Art projects will include collaging, sidewalk chalk, drawing, painting, and music making. We will also visit a recording studio and learn the basics of the music business including copyrights, publishing, and distribution. One on one instruction. Based on availability. Spaces are limited.  Email for more information and a sample syllabus.

Guitar/Creativity – Students decide how much of each session they want to devote to guitar and/or creativity, This combined course works best with students who are interested in writing, songwriting, and furthering creative expressions.

Guitar Lessons



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