Training, Speaking, and Consulting

Universe Consulting and Design LLC offers teacher training, arts programming, and professional development. With storytelling, qualitative analysis, interpersonal and small group dialogue, individuals engage in writing and reflection to gather stories about their experiences with race and historical systems of oppression for optimal deployment of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) best practices.

We train community leaders to build a cultural snapshot and move towards anti-racism and inclusion with models and blueprints for creating desired outcomes. Clients will emerge having investigated themselves and their industry and learning their network for change making in the larger community. Our clients are members of spiritual communities, schools, arts and culture groups, and professional organizations. 

Email to inquire about professional development, speaker series, and/or inclusion training for your business. 

    • Speaker Series
    • Instructional Design and Training
    • Event Production and Engagement
    • Social Media Strategy and Video Production
    • Online Teaching/ Virtual Learning (Demo Webinar)
    • Equity and Inclusion –
      Professional Development
    • Miscellaneous Business Coaching

In addition to teacher training, arts programming, and professional development, the Universe Founder and speaker/performer, QueenEarth, travels with the flagship cultural educational concert, QueerCore: Behind the Music, to share songwriting stories for LGBTQ audiences and allies. This evolving showcase has been offered as a workshop, retreat, open mic, and community event for cultural celebrations.

All are invited to share in the open mic! The focused stories from the audience are the best part of the experience.

Who has seen QueenEarth? Check out the full list, since 2012, here. Queer Core+ Performance List !!

For questions and inquiries about music, commissions, and Queer Core, please e-mail Thank you for stopping by. For your time, enjoy some music!