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The following are our signature events:

QueerCore: Behind the Music – A collaboration with other poets and songwriters, through performance art and storytelling, QueerCore seeks to give a voice and visibility to the artists of the often underrepresented queer community. More than just a program for the LGBTQA community, this show is meant to encourage ALL of us to “come out” and share our stories, our triumphs, and to celebrate the parts of ourselves that make us unique. For some that “different” part is our sexuality. For others, it may be their skin color, religion, accent, etc.

Art of PeaceOur team is joining forces in 2015 to guide leadership for a creativity centered retreat, The Art of Peace. Together, our team has a unified vision to bring more arts, art-filled events, and intercultural dialogue to urban communities. The Art of Peace is the result of combined passions for arts and social justice. This community event will provide a weekend of creativity, retreat, and artistic collaboration.

Community Arts Programming! All hands on deck! #artsed

Community Arts Programming! All hands on deck! #artsed

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