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Meet the Team for The Art of Peace

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Creative Directors

QueenEarth is a singer/songwriter, online college professor, and creative professional. While earning a M.A.L.S. In Modern Studies from Loyola University, she worked as Student Activities Graduate Assistant at the College of Notre Dame. She was Promotions Director at WLOY Loyola College Radio and hosted a weekly program showcasing national artists and Baltimore’s best local soul music and spoken word poets. After working in higher education administration, she began traveling with her educational concert, QueerCore: Behind the Music, to share her songwriting stories for LGBT audiences and its allies. This evolving showcase has been offered as a workshop, retreat, open mic, and community event for cultural celebrations. Her commitment to music and arts education has taken her to many institutions including SUNY Oswego, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Baltimore, Mission High School in San Francisco, and We’Moon land in Portland, OR. Her music has been featured in Queer Music Heritage, Lezbelib, and Baltimore OUTLoud. QueenEarth finds the greatest joy when she can bring her experience together for education, music, and creativity.


Natalya Brusilovsky – Theatre artist, Director, Facilitator, Outreach Coordinator, Events Manager, Consultant. Natalya has 18 years of experience facilitating groups through difficult and meaningful discussions while utilizing and exploring arts as they relate to economic and social justice, equity, policy and behavior change.  After studying Applied Theatre Techniques with Augusto Boal, David Diamond and Brent Blair, she went on to successfully administer theatre for social justice workshops and residencies, implementing anti-discrimination policies, and working with the Los Angeles Unified School District, University of New Hampshire, Allentown, PA’s Theatre Outlet, Santa Monica Artists in the Schools, and more.  Natalya has worked with Healthy Neighborhoods, Baltimore Community Foundation, Alternate ROOTS, Charm City Kitty Club and the Northeast Parks District in Baltimore, MD, developing, organizing, facilitating and evaluating projects, festivals, events, and programs that enhance the wellbeing of Baltimore residents. She currently works freelance as a theatre practitioner, educator and consultant, and produces long-time running queer womyn-focused variety shows with the Charm City Kitty Club. Natalya also facilitates challenging and meaningful discussions on race, power and privilege with Theatre Action Group in institutions and classrooms across Maryland.


Heather AmosHeather Amos has been actively drumming for about 6 years and is part of Baltimore’s only belly dance band; Brinjal. 3 years ago Heather began facilitating monthly drum circles including an all inclusive drum circle in Ellicott City and she also resurrected the Women’s Drumming circle in Baltimore. In 2014, she was one of the primary organizers of the revival of at the Baltimore Rhythm Festival. The Baltimore Rhythm Festival is an all inclusive event featuring performers, workshops and on going facilitated and freestyle drum circles. Because of the success of the 2014 Festival, Heather is currently involved in the planning of the 2015 Baltimore Rhythm Festival to be held in October of this year.”

Talani Black is a Baltimore native that pulls inspiration from her urban upbringing, talaniblackeccentric life experiences, heritage and artistic influences such Kehinde Wiley, Kara Walker, Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquit. She studied fine art at Schulers School of Fine Arts and contemporary art at CCBC. Although her work varies in mediums, her signature choice of medium is paper. She enjoys using such an under-appreciated material to create her work.

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