QueenEarth’s NFT Art and Music

Since Spring of 2020, I have been creating NFTs, art and music for the metaverse.
I knew about BTC and crypto back in the day and wrote a blog about it.  NFTs bring an opportunity to combine the powers of blockchain technology and creative royalities. I make art everyday. Why not jump in?

I/ we did. Each piece has a story and I encourage you to click around visit the hyperlinked photos. Better yet, walk through the oncyber.io galleries at the domains below.


My journey started on OpenSea. From there, we migrated some of our works and efforts to #cleanNFT Tezos for OBJKT, HicEtNunc, and Kalamint. Check out Great Migrations, Middle Passage, and Dreamer Handbook!








Take a walk through our online galleries.

These domains are also for sale if the floor is swept 😉 Reach out to inquire.  NFTs for the Culture on Open Sea is also an option.

My wife and I create side by side and the pandemic birthed some of our greatest works to date.  She is a photographer and acrylic painter, beadmaker, and all around creative, when she is not working as a nurse through a global pandemic. @sketchgg (IG)

As a collaborative effort with my wife, we began drawing a collection of hands holding various tools in various skin tones and nail polish. This idea was founded in our first shared canvas. From there, we decided to use the art to give back while we grow our own success making NFTs and becoming a part of an amazing community.

Guild of Dreamers  was established to support Clubhouse onboarding for new artists (visual, musical, creative) into the NFT space with support via 1 Tez seed money for folks who have not yet setup their TEZOS wallet to begin minting their creative works. This entity also allows us to encourage derivatives from community members who want to share art to support growing the community and finding organizations and individuals who could benfefit from this NFT knowledge and economics. More info on the Kalamint page. @dreamguildnft

These drawings also inspired my first offical NFT Music Collectible release, born on OBJKT, Introducing QueenEarth 2.0. Music on ETH and TEZ (Kalamint).


As a professional trainer and educator, I offer a deeper dive with 1on1 NFT Training for artists and creative communities. I differentiate training from onboarding because of my background and experience. This package includes  up to 4 hours of help setting up an NFT wallet, support with grabbing tezos domains, tech and social media tips and tricks, and airdrops of my music and art NFTs valued at 20+XTZ ($100+ on 12.6.21).

Please reach out to schedule a paid consultation and /or training for yourself,  school, guild, or business. 1 hour consults also provided.