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In my own journey as an ever evolving artist and musician, I have documented my lessons and turned my gifts into something that I can share with you. More than guitar, I realize that I have taught my students how to write their own songs, the importance of balance, the value in writing, and many other lessons. My students have also taught me how to become a better teacher. Personally and professionally, my students and myself, have benefited from making time and space for music and creative ventures. I welcome middle school through adult aged students!

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I offer the following courses:

  • Guitar – With guitar chord charts and strumming symbols, students will learn to play basic rhythm and blues guitar, chord progressions, and barre chords,  learn to compose their own songs, discover new chords, and enjoy their journey as a musician. The instructor will provide original worksheets to aid the visual learners and make recommendations for practice exercises. 1 hour minimum
  • Guitar/Creativity – Students decide how much of each session they want to devote to guitar and creativity, This combined course works best with students who are interested in writing, songwriting, and furthering creative expressions
  • Creativity Lessons

    Talk about unprecedented? Chelsea, my new student, doesn't own a guitar yet, but she won't let that stop her from learning. She made a guitar neck out of cardboard and string, so she can practice her finger exercises. Amazing. I've been working with her group, New Lens Media. These youth are making their mark by documenting social justice issues in their own community!

    Talk about unprecedented? Chelsea, my new student, doesn’t own a guitar yet, but she won’t let that stop her from learning. She made a guitar neck out of cardboard and string, so she can practice her finger exercises.

What do I need for the classes?
A guitar (for guitar students)
A pen/pencil
Some activities will require supplies and instructor may provide some materials and/or notify class in advance.

When/Where are the classes?
In your home, office, coffeehouses, art gallery, school, etc. I teach online and “on the ground.” You may also want to do a hybrid course. For these students, we begin meeting in person and transition to online meetings via Skype.

Questions about any of it? Please e-mail for more information.

There will be a discount on booking 12 or more sessions if the classes are confirmed and first payment is received 10 days before the first class of the sessions. ALL classes dates/times and payment schedules must be confirmed in advance via phone. More FAQ/details can be discussed via phone when dates are confirmed. I offer discounts for students, referrals, and group sessions!!


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  1. The moment I heard Queen Earth’s voice at farmer’s market I had to find her. And to know you’re giving lessons – WOW God Bless you!!

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